Its ‘Simply Lupo’


SEASONED singer and songwriter Maureen Lupo Lilanda has concluded work on her live album titled Simply Lupo, which is set for release next month under Rockstar, an African distributor, which she got signed on last year.

The album is expected to have nine songs but “Aunt” Maureen has already released four songs, Jenala, Chilijone, Love Me a Lie and Ukalemba Inyimbo, which are already receiving airplay.
“I started working on it two years ago but when they [Rockstar] listened to it, we had to redo quite a number of songs and we’ve only just finished. We have released four to the public, they are actually playing. We decided to release the songs one by one but now we’re planning on the release of the album,” she says.
“We’re still trying to find a venue and date that is free knowing that a lot happens in October, and if we don’t manage October, we might have to push it for early next year, but we are optimistic we’ll release by October.”
“Aunt” Maureen’s albums have never had more than 10 songs and this one was not going to be an exception. She strongly believes that music must be paid for and feels that having an album with over 10 songs is like giving it out for free.
“Aunt” Maureen is currently working on videos but did not give details but says fans should look out for them.
The inspiration behind the album is drawn from life, her fans, her family, herself but most of all it is what she loves to do.
“My fans should expect a typical Maureen Lilanda, some will be shockers but overall, I hope they’ll feel and hear good music,” she says.
“Aunt” Maureen also talked about her experience signing with Rockstar.
“It’s an opener in that the levels I’m dealing with are higher, so, I’ve had to really put in a lot more effort in my work, in my concentration, in my execution,” she says.
“Certain things that I’d let pass can’t pass, like sometimes, I’ll make a mistake in my vocals and its back to the drawing board. So it has hyped my level of working as well as my appreciation of trying to give out excellence, not taking my record label, my audience and myself for granted.”
The award-winner’s last album was in 2007 titled Soul Masala and she has not released an album since then. She says this is because she was not feeling the music.
“I wasn’t feeling much inspiration, I’d write a song but if don’t feel it, I’d just shelve it and go back to the drawing board,” she says.
But despite not releasing anything by herself, she featured on a number of songs like by the likes of Shimasta, B’Flow, Slap D, Wezi and Alpha Romeo.

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