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It’s persecution – Malanji

JOSEPH Malanji.


WITH bond granted two days after the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) detained him at Ridgeway Police Station, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji has described his arrest as persecution. And DEC, together with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), has arrested and jointly charged former postmaster general Macpherson Chanda and two directors at Zampost for alleged corrupt practices of over K300 million. Mr Malanji said in an interview shortly after being granted bond that the judiciary will remain the backbone for members of the Patriotic Front (PF) who are allegedly being victimised. The Kwacha lawmaker was on Tuesday arrested and jointly charged with former Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba for allegedly influencing the transfer of over K150 million to the Zambian mission in Turkey last year. Mr Malanji was also slapped with four other counts, including being in possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime. But Mr Malanji said: “Records in the banks in Zambia are available. We have gotten loans from these banks, millions of dollars, the records are available. “And to cite someone just because you are a politician, to say every politician must be painted black, to be a thief, is actually very irresponsible. “I will not say much, the matter is in court, but I can assure you that our lawyers will keep you informed.” Earlier, Mr Malanji’s lawyer, Makebi Zulu, said the court ruled that Mr Malanji should be granted bond on the same conditions as his co-accused, Mr Yamba.
He said the arresting authority was demanding for some documents from Mr Malanji, which they CLICK TO READ MORE

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