Letter to the Editor

It’s not our sewer network, says LWSC

Dear editor,
I MAKE reference to a letter authored by a concerned citizen that Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) has neglected the leaking sewer behind National Assembly Motel around the drains adjacent to Sunset Stadium.The author claimed that he had complained about the leak several times but LWSC has not repaired the system.
As a company, we want to place it on record that the said sewer is a privately owned system belonging to the Agricultural and Commercial Show Society of Zambia.
As such, we believe the author did not report this fault at any of our branches because we would have guided him accordingly.
May I also advise the author to conduct proper research before writing to the public on issues that he is not well informed about.
As a company, we do not service sewer systems at private properties unless we are given consent and all necessary agreements settled.
However, I still thank the author for his concern.
Marketing and public relations Manager—LWSC

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