It’s lives at stake

Jackson Mwanza

Young & Ambitious:
JACKSON Mwanza, a Grade 10 pupil at Kamwala South Secondary School in Lusaka wants to become a doctor when he completes secondary education so that he can help save lives.

“I want to help save lives by giving patients the right prescription of drugs and also giving hope to patients so that they may recover quickly,” Jackson says. “I have always loved the medical field and I believe I will deliver because I have the passion for it.”
He is optimistic that he will contribute to transforming the sector when he becomes a medical doctor.
Although it is early days, Jackson spends most of his time reading about the medical field so that he sharpens his understanding of what is required of medical personnel.
“I study around 16:00 to 17:00 hours every day so as to help me improve my memory and level of retention of what I learn at school,” he says.
When he becomes a medical doctor, Jackson, who is the only child, wants to uplift the status of his mother and grandmother as a way appreciating them for the sacrifices they have made to his life since the death of his father.
“My grandmother and mother have worked so hard to provide for my needs and also paying my school fees, but I want to change this when I become educated,” he says.
Jackson loves mathematics because it is a practical subject and it is easier for one to understand because of the formula.
He is of the view that education is important in one’s life because it helps enlighten their understanding of various issues and provides them with better opportunities in life.
“Education provides one with skills which can enable one to survive,” he says. “It is a pre-requisite to sustainable development.”

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