‘It’s astronomy for me’

MWAMBA Francise Mukuka.

Young & Ambitious:
MWAMBA Francise Mukuka, 13, a grade eight pupil at St Mary’s Secondary School, is clear on what career path she wants once she is done with high school.
For her, it is astronomy.

Francise is fascinated with what she sees in the skies.
“I have curiosity that needs to be fed, gazing at the stars every night makes me wonder what else is up there,” she says. “What else does the universe have to offer? I also want to encourage others to believe that the impossible is possible. I want to help people believe in their capabilities.”
Though her favourite subjects at school are history and science, Mwamba likes mathematics as she believes it is in everything that one does.
“I like mathematics because it is used in everything and it remains the same. For example, one plus one is always equal to two,” she says. “Mathematics is used in daily situations and our lives revolve around calculations. I also enjoy science because it is based on facts.”
The second in a family of three, Mwamba enjoys reading books and learning more about the universe, travelling, telling stories, reading the Bible and stories about successful people.
Mwamba would love to travel to Italy and study engineering, which is a pre-requisite to studying astronomy.
“Although Zambia remains my favourite country, I would love to study engineering in Italy and later proceed to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in America because it is the best institution which offers astronomy in the world,” she says.
Mwamba wants to become the first female Zambian astronaut.
Her advice to her fellow young people is to try and inspire others in society to dream big.

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