Letter to the Editor

Itawa road needs repair

Dear editor,
The road that leads to Profund Flats and Itawa Complex in Itawa is in a bad state.
Early last year, it was graded in some parts and now with the coming of the rainy season the road is covered with big potholes.
The state of this road is damaging our vehicles and we are taking unnecessarily long to get to airport road.
When it rains, we move with muddy wheels as though we do not drive on a once tarred road.
Motorists also opt to drive on the walk-way thereby damaging it as well and endangering the lives of pedestrians.
Well-wishers from the community have tried to work on this road on several occasions but it does not last. I believe this is due to lack of necessary knowledge in this noble field.
At the moment workers from a nearby garage have filled some of the potholes with discarded blocks, which is an eyesore.
Who is supposed to work on this road?

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