Letter to the Editor

It is evil to celebrate Seer 1’s death decrees

Dear editor,
I WISH to agree with the statement made by Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe that it is wicked for any Zambian to celebrate the death threats issued against ministers by Prophet Andrew Ejimadu, popularly known as Seer 1.
Recently, Seer 1 stormed social media with death threats against politicians, whom he claims got powers from him.
Seer 1 claims he has given powers to politicians, musicians, business people and the clergy for them to succeed in their various endeavours.
Seer 1 announced that politicians who got powers from him must return them or risk dying within 20 days.
He also threatened to publish the names of those who got powers from him.
This has somehow excited some Zambians who have been eagerly counting down to the manifestation of Seer 1’s decree.
As rightly observed by Apostle Sinyangwe, some of the people that got involved with Seer 1 were deceived to think he is a genuine man of God, when not.
It is therefore wicked for anyone to celebrate the death threats issued against these people, whether politician, musician or business people.
These people need the mercy of God at this hour. It is clear they had taken a wrong path, which is haunting them. At this moment, they need genuine Christians or men of God who can point them to the Lord. Moreover, God’s desire is for everyone to make it to heaven. However, if people die prematurely without accepting Jesus Christ, it means their souls are lost eternally.
That is not what God desires, and Christians, like their Father, should harbour the same kind of love.
Just because someone went astray to get powers out of greed is not justification for any Christian in the right standing to side with a wizard. No matter what happened, Zambians are denting themselves by siding with a self-confessed false prophet.
From the videos circulating on social media, any doubt that remained on whether Seer 1 is really a false prophet has been removed by his own confession.
He has said it with his own mouth that he does not serve the God that we all know. Let us pray for those who fell victim at his hands, instead of escorting them to the grave. That is what true Christianity demands.

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