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‘Isoka remembers Sata for initiation of infrastructure development’

RESIDENTS of Isoka will remember President Sata for the massive infrastructure development he initiated in the area, district commissioner Joe Siwila has said.
Mr Siwila said in an interview yesterday that Isoka residents are saddened by President Sata’s death and will always be grateful to him for taking development to the area.
He cited the ongoing construction of Michael Chilufya Sata Girls Secondary School, tarring of township roads and improvement of water supply and sanitation as the major projects credited to President Sata.
“The residents of Isoka district have received the death of the President with a sense of shock. President Sata was a visionary, who brought a lot of development to Isoka,” Mr Siwila said.
He said Government has engaged China Jiangxi International to construct Michael Chilufya Sata Girls Secondary School and the project will be completed next year.
Mr Siwila also said President Sata attached great importance to the provision of quality education and development of infrastructure in all parts of the country.
Mr Siwila said President Sata was an exceptional and unique leader who had a heart for the poor.
“We are just praying that God will give us a leader who will embrace what President Sata has done,” Mr Siwila said.
He also said the residents of Isoka will remember President Sata for embarking on water supply and sanitation projects in the district.
He said Isoka will soon have abundant piped water once the water supply and sanitation project is completed.

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