Letter to the Editor

Is Think 2044 just a slogan?

Dear editor,
HELP me to express my concern over the continued cutting down of trees to pave way for road expansions and infrastructure development like buildings in the capital city of Lusaka and other areas.
In as much as it is a great thing happening for Zambia, I strongly feel we should have had put in place deliberate measures which could allow replanting of trees to adhere to a United Nations climate change movement, which Zambia is a signatory to.
My opinion is that as we are planning on these new developments, Government ministries, especially Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, should put a deliberate policy which would be included in each contract agreement with contractors or property developers that in each area where trees are cut, there should be two times the number cut down trees planted.
It is so disappointing to see main roads in Lusaka having barely no trees even after the old generation left us trees. I still remember that in the 80s to 90s planting of trees was mandatory in schools and each one would make sure they take care of their plant.
All we are seeing now are the same trees being cut down with none being planted.
Here we are today complaining of global warming effects and yet we are heavily contributing through cutting down of trees and many other things.
May the ministries and other relevant government agencies look into this as we ‘Think 2044’ and beyond.

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