Is the Bugatti insured? Intricacies of insuring non-standard risks!

Insurance Platform with WEBSTER TWAAMBO
FROM the very moment it landed at Kenneth Kaunda international airport, the Bugatti car story started trending in Zambia, particularly on social media. No one could ignore the presence of this prestigious vehicle on the Zambian soil, especially after the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) carried a story about the same on their website.
As the Bugatti euphoria continued one journalist asked, ‘Webster, do you have capacity to insure vehicles like the Bugatti?’ This was during a media training and engagement workshop organized by Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia Plc. (PICZ) last week.
But what makes the Bugatti a special car? Well, the cost of the Bugatti ranges between US$1.1 million and US$12.5 million. The Super Sport version entered the Guinness World Records as the fastest street-legal production car in the world with

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