Letter to the Editor

Is parking outside BoZ restricted?

Dear editor,
I WRITE to seek clarification over the car parking slots outside the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) building on Cairo Road in Lusaka.
On Sunday, I parked in one of the slots as I waited for someone who was in the next building (Freedom House), whose parking slots were all taken.
No sooner had I parked than a guard walked over to me saying that I was not allowed to park in any of the slots in front of BoZ. I asked him why, and he said that was what he was told but that I would be allowed if the person I was waiting for was in the BoZ building.
I further asked him how I, and indeed other motorists, would know if what he was telling me was the truth considering that there was no public signage stating that this was a private or restricted parking space.
He had no answer for me and he suggested to call other security people at the entrance of the BoZ’s inner car park.
Could someone at BoZ provide a plausible explanation on why I can’t park in that slot.

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