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PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni stomping the ground during the Nc’wala ceremony on Saturday. PICTURE: DARLINGTON MWENDABAI

Is Nc’wala taking Christian path?

IN JUBILATION, troops of Ngoni warriors known as impis enter Mtenguleni main arena with their ‘lion king’, Mpezeni IV, signalling the beginning of a bumper harvest in Ngoni land.
The announcement of the bumper harvest is always characterised by dust-raising performances in the main arena by various groups from different kraals, stomping the ground with breath-taking dances during the Nc’wala ceremony.
This is exactly what was happening in Chipata and Kasenengwa districts when Zambians from all walks of life joined easterners to celebrate the Nc’wala traditional ceremony.
To Paramount Chief Mpezeni, the ceremony has transformed from a mere cultural event to a unifying event which brings together people from Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa to take part in the celebration of Ngoni tradition and values.
The faces of local and foreign tourists flickered with smiles as Ngwenyama Inkhosi yama Nkosi entered the arena to mark the peak of the Nc’wala traditional ceremony.