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Is it always greener on other side?

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
THE grass always seems greener on the other side but wait until you get to the other side, you will realise that the initial grass was far better than what seemed to be greener.
I’ve observed that in life, we usually covet what we do not have but my view is that it is important to take a minute and appreciate what we have.
Let us learn to work with what we have. Yes, sometimes it is best to walk away from what brings you more misery than happiness, but at the same time, let us not always think the next thing or person is always better than what we have or who we have.
I know of a woman who was having an affair and thought the husband was not doing enough to meet her demands.
Whenever she met up with her boyfriend, he would give her undivided attention, the sort of attention she didn’t get from her husband. The husband would at times not even notice that she was wearing a new dress or had changed her hair.
But the minute her boyfriend met her, he would shower her with sweet little nothings and even notice when she changed the colour of her nail polish.
Reality was that this man was not her husband but someone she barely spent time with, especially that he was also a married man.
Her close friends advised her to get a hold of herself and not do something silly. Her boyfriend would claim that he was ready to leave his wife and children for her.
Nothing is kept a secret forever. The woman’s husband found out about the affair and confronted her. She was sarcastic about the whole thing and warned that she was ready to walk out.
The husband told her she was free to do so, after which she packed her bags and happily informed her boyfriend that she was a free woman. The two could finally be together.
However, her boyfriend’s response was not what she expected. He advised that he would call her later because he was in the middle of an important meeting.
But alas! To her dismay, that call never came. After waiting for what seemed to be an eternity, it dawned on her that the man was not ready to leave his family for her.
He lied to her all along but she could not see through his lies. What was she to do next? She sheepishly went back to her husband asking if the two could make amends but he did not accept.
She now lives alone as the children are under the husband’s custody. As I said earlier, it always seems greener on the other side but do not be fooled. Sometimes, you are better off right where you are.
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