Letter to the Editor

Irresponsible use of social media

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my discontentment over our reckless behaviour and irresponsibility over the use of social media.
This tool has come in handy for information dissemination in real time around the globe.
The onus is on all citizens living in Zambia and in the Diaspora to remain responsible in the manner we use this ingenious tool.
From the outset social media can either build or destroy.
It is also a brilliant tool for business transaction for those with business acumen.
What I have gone through the last few days is rather alarming.
Colleagues from other countries around the world asking me as to why Zambians are destroying the mirror image of its beautiful motherland?
Fellow Zambians living in the Diaspora, why are you so bitter with the country you left at own free will? Why are you setting a negative agenda on a country you will certainly return to on retirement?
I feel ashamed to respond to queries from the SADC region demanding to know why we have allowed another country to recolonise us.
Why are we creating xenophobic language towards one another or towards people from outside our motherland?
Let us use social media on a more positive trajectory; we can do better by being more civil by respecting our leaders by asking questions responsibly.
Bloggers should also practise responsible citizen journalism by posting facts and not alarming stories and fake news to the detriment of our image as a country.
Remember – the One Zambia One Nation motto before indulging yourselves in negative vibe.
The negative vibe has eroded investor confidence so much and has created mistrust between government and the electorate.

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