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Irresponsible man ditched

AFTER 21 years of perseverance, a woman of Lusaka is seeking divorce saying she cannot continue living with an irresponsible man.
Lenshina Munamenda, 39, complained to the Chelstone Local Court that Josam Siyatwala does not support his family or pay for their children’s school fees.
“Your honour, all our children aged 19,14,13,12 and three are not going to school. I just want to be set free from this marriage of poverty and misery,” she said.
The divorce case was before Justices Hope Mwila and Bertha Zulu. The couple got married in 1993 and has five children together.
Munamenda further said Siyatwala has on several occasions attempted to poison her and charm her but it all failed.
She also said Siyatwala had at one time married another woman without her knowledge when she went to nurse her sick mother.
“He even brought his lover home with whom I fought with before we were put in police cells. But surprisingly, my husband only released his lover,” Munamenda said.
But Siyatwala said he was very willing to end their marriage.
“My wife already left home and there is no way I can follow her,” he said.
The court upheld the claim and dissolved their marriage, citing lack of love and commitment in their marriage.
No compensation was given to either parties but Siyatwala was reminded by the court to be a responsible father.
Siyatwala was also ordered to be pay K300 monthly child maintenance.

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