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‘Irresponsible’ hubby fails to buy underwear

A WOMAN lamented before a local court that her husband is so irresponsible that he even fails to buy her underwear.
Dinah Lungu, 30, of Kabwe rural said the only ‘food’ he has taken for the children since the couple went on separation is a container of opaque beer.
Lungu was testifying in a matter in which she has sued Levison Chikwaya, 36, of Mungule for marriage reconciliation in a Matero Local Court in Lusaka.
She told Justices Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye that Chikwaya is a drunkard who often beats her.
She said when she could not take his harsh treatment anymore, she left for her parents’ home in January this year.
“My family approached him to find out what his plans were for us and he told them he didn’t want me or our three children,” she said.
Lungu who said the two got married in 1999 said throughout the period she has been away from home, he has not taken any food for his family.
And as if speaking about Chikwaya’s behaviour jolted her into reality that there was nothing for her in the marriage, she told the court she would rather not reconcile with him.
In his statement, Chikwaya said Lungu has been telling him that he is not her choice of man.
Chikwaya said he has been trying to reconcile with Lungu but she has been difficult.
When cross examined if they thought this marriage would work, Lungu’s parents vehemently refused saying Chikwaya is such an untidy man who one would mistake for being mad.
Lungu’s father sent the court laughing when he also said Chikwaya looked clean this day only because he was in court.
The court ruled that it was a failed reconciliation.

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