Letter to the Editor

Invocation of article 31 not aimed at the innocent

Dear editor,
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu invoked article 31 of the Zambian Constitution on Wednesday July 5, 2017, in view of the gutting of government property such as markets, courts

and other public offices across the country.
The recent incident is the gutting of the country’s biggest and busiest market, Lusaka City Market, which resulted in loss of goods amounting to millions of Kwacha. This is economic sabotage.
The head of State invoked article 31 in order to ensure that security in the country is not comprised. He has given the police excess powers in a bid to curb lawlessness by the arsonists.
Community policing is also of the essence in that the community members will be required to report suspected individuals to the police.
Let me hasten to mention that the invocation of article 31 by President Lungu is not targeted at innocent people, but the law breakers.
People should not be apprehensive of this measure taken as it is for our own benefit.

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