Investor applauds President Lungu for peace

PRESIDENT Lungu (left) is oriented by Neelkanth Cable Limited Company managing director Subhash Patel on the binding wire machine when the President commissioned the plant in Masaiti District yesterday. PICTURE: ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS

NEELKANTH chairman Subhash Patel has hailed President Lungu’s continued zeal to maintain peace and order in the country because it is the backbone of every

nation’s development.
Speaking during the launch of the US$548 million cement plant project in Masaiti yesterday, Mr Patel said it is the peace and serenity in Zambia that have continued to attract his firm as an investor.
“Today we are commissioning this project because of the good investment policy and the continued peace in the country. If Zambia was not peaceful, we wouldn’t be setting up such structures,” Mr Patel said.
He also thanked President Lungu for gracing the event as this assured government’s support to the private sector.
“Your Excellency, your vision to better the life of every Zambian, especially those in rural areas, is being seen through your robust support to various projects that are in the rural part of the country.
“The people of Masaiti are happy because the establishment of this company will help in bettering their lives through employment creation, especially for youths in this area,” Mr Patel said.
“Your Excellency, sir, setting up this company will also generate forex as Zambia will no longer need to export copper to make cables but will begin to produce cables locally and will be exporting finished products. Sir, this company will be producing about 2,000 metric tonnes of copper cables, which is a good number to export as a finished product.”
And Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo thanked Neelkanth Cables Limited for helping government in realising its vision to industrialise the rural part of the country.
“It’s amazing to see that the private sector has come on board to help government realise the vision of having an industrialised economy and country because it’s only through such that the country will develop at a faster rate,” Mr Lusambo said.

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