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Invest in tree planting – ZAFFICO

ZAFFICO Limited has advised entrprenuers to consider investing in tree planting and avoid over dependence on the available wood quantities in the company’s plantations.
The company says timber stocks in ZAFFICO plantations are declining as the current annual demand for round wood exceeds the national annual wood supply.
“We have a duty to ensure that exotic forest plantation resources are sustainably managed to meet the medium to long term national timber requirements,” the company said in a statement recently.
It says the implication of this situation is that the stocks in the plantations may soon be depleted to unstainable levels to meet the rising national wood demand.
“ZAFFICO wishes to advise the public that being in possession of a wood processing machine is not the only criterion for award of round wood contracts.
“Investing in wood processing machinery is taking a personal business risk, as ZAFFICO cannot guarantee the award of a round wood contract to both existing customers and new applicants on the basis that they are in possession of wood processing machinery,” it reads.
ZAFFICO says it has also observed that the number of applicants for round wood contracts has been increasing in the last years while the annual allowable cut has been decreasing.

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