Invest in smart energy – Kapata

ZESCO says commercial entities can lessen the impact of the impending hike in electricity tariffs by investing in smart energy solutions.
Company spokesperson Henry Kapata said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that there is need for Zambians to develop

good energy conservation habits because this is the only way they will use power efficiently and cost-effectively.
“Commercial entities need to invest in energy conservation. Issues of ventilation and security lights in offices can be automated so that they are only switched on when there are people in those offices. In fact, security lights should have sensors so that they only go on when there is an intruder in the premises,” Mr Kapata said.
He said these measures may seem insignificant but could go a long way in saving power if many companies implemented them.
“They can also invest in cards and sensors whereby lights in a room can only go on when the sensor detects that there is a human being there. This can also lessen the impact of the upward electricity tariff adjustment,” Mr Kapata said.
And Mr Kapata reiterated the need for the public to support Zesco’s proposed electricity tariff increment because it is crucial to attracting new investments in Zambia’s energy sector.
He said for Zesco to invest in power infrastructure and improve the quality of service to its customers, the electricity tariff hike is a must.
Mr Kapata also said Zesco is alive to the fact that Zambians have varying income and expenditure patterns and anticipates that the lower income groups that consume about 300 units per month will not adversely be affected by the increment in electricity tariffs.
“The majority of the lower income customers will not incur an increase in their cost of electricity despite these proposed increases,” he said.


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