Introduce new technologies, innovation in mining, Zambia urged

THE Mining and Technology Exhibitions (MTE) says there is need to introduce new technology and innovation for mining industries in Zambia to help them to sustain their operations in the country.
MTE hosts 25 mining industries in most mining countries to foster development in Southern Africa.
In an interview, MTE operations manager Andrew Macnamara said mining industries should not use outdated materials as it may hinder their operations.
“There is need to initiate new technology and innovation to the Zambian mining industries because it is not easily accessible,” Mr Macnamara said during the Chingola MTE on Wednesday.
He said that the exhibition brings product solutions to enhance operations by also partnering with mines in the southern African region.
He said it is vital for people working in mines to attend the exhibition to enable them to procure new mining technology products to improve their developmental projects.
“We strive to create awareness of advancement and new technology at our display. We are fully equipped to host this exposition to ensure maximum buy in and exposure,” he said.
“This year, 50 exhibitors came to Zambia to showcase [their products]. The response from the miners is overwhelming than last year,” he said.

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