Into Christmas with ‘Balikene’


DOUBLE Komboni Radio award-winner Martin Kazembe aka “The Pride of Africa”, will be welcoming Christmas with a gospel song titled Balikene, which is part of his new album, Ubukata.

Featuring Ephraim (the son of Africa), Kazembe said he was excited to release the album at the time when every believer was in a merry-making mood.

“I am excited that my song will resonate with the coming of Jesus Christ although I am sad at the same time that the Son of God was despised later in his three years of ministry,” Kazembe said.
About the song, Kazembe said Balikene talks about Jesus. Upon coming on earth, He was crucified and died a shameful death.
“But for us Christians, He is still alive and the hope for our Glory and therefore we cannot reject Him, instead, we welcome Him into our lives this Christmas,” he shared.
Kazembe, who debuted on the gospel scene with an album titled Nganapepa, says the new project is full of worship and praise songs for all those who believe in the birth of Jesus Chris.
Produced by the multi-talented Honorable and SSV Music studio’s Victor Nyalazi, Kazembe hopes his new 10-track album will also be the food for the lost souls in the coming year apart from blessing the wary during this Christmas period.
“The title track Ubukata talks about the glory of God and His mighty on earth where His footsteps belong to His father God Jehovah,” said Kazembe.
On another song titled Nganinshita, the song which features little known Thula, Kazembe shared that he was confirming what the scripture says that these are the end times looking at the events unfolding.
“We have seen almost every sign; some deadly diseases, rumour mongers of war, brothers and sisters fighting each other, nations fighting other nations and many others,” he revealed.
With his many testimonies in his walk with Jesus, Kazembe included the song Nilekeni Niyende which he says talks about his personal testimonies that he has been through in the world especially after being born again in 2005.
“After all that I have been through, I opted to walk with Jesus for salvation’s sake and through His mercies which endure forever, I can gladly say I have been lifted, healed, redeemed and blessed through His precious blood,” he said. “I have profited a lot in walking with Jesus”
Other songs are Alakupala, Nilwisa (featuring. Bob Muli), Ateke (featuring Precious), Tamufilwa and Alandwila.
“Alakupala talks about the blessings of God which are abundant but only if you ask and seek His face shall you receive them,” assured Kazembe a student at Day Break Bible College.
The song features another crop of young worshippers in Limpo and Bersha Rodney, who both have had their own works charting well on most radio stations.
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