‘Intervene in our land wrangle’

CHIEF Mukonchi of Kapiri Mposhi has appealed to Government to intervene in a land wrangle that has erupted in his chiefdom.
The land dispute is between Chief Mukonchi and an alliance of businessmen.
In a statement issued to the Zambia News and Information Services in Kapri Mposhi yesterday, Chief Mukonchi said the Alliance of businessmen called Chibwe Multi-Purpose Cooperative Scheme is claiming ownership of over 10,000 hectares of land.
Chief Mukonchi said the businessmen grabbed land from his subjects in Chibwe and Kakwelesa.
He said the businessmen are sub-dividing and selling portions of the land to unsuspecting people both within and outside Zambia.
He said his subjects were forcibly displaced from their traditional land which they have owned since time immemorial.
“My subjects are suffering because of these people who have taken away 10,000 hectares of land from them which they are claiming ownership of, and selling without my consent or Government’s approval… I don’t know where these people have come from but they are bringing confusion in my chiefdom,” Chief Mukonchi said.
The traditional leader said Chibwe Multi-purpose Scheme has written to headmen presiding over 58 villages on the disputed piece of land to immediately vacate the area.
“These people have written to me to indicate that they have abolished headmanship on this land so far 58 of my headmen  who preside on villages around this land have been affected I want Government to solve this problem before people take the law in their own hands,” Chief Mukonchi said.
Chief Mukonchi said his subjects are living in fear due to the action by Chibwe Multi-Purpose Scheme to grab their land
He said most of his subjects are not engaged in agriculture due to the uncertainty surrounding the ownership of the land.
The Chief fears that there might be hunger in the area because his subjects have been prevented from culvitating their land-ZANIS

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