‘Internet high cost still a challenge’

HAI Telecommunications says high cost of internet remains a challenge in expanding internet usage among majority Zambians.
The internet service provider that has just rebranded from Realtime Zambia says introducing products that cater for diverse subscribers will go a long way in enhancing internet usage in the country.
Hai Telecommunications sales and marketing director Boyd Banda said in an interview that the firm will introduce services that will cater for household, small-scale corporate, and large-scale corporate subscribers to ensure easy access to internet services.
“Hai Telecommunications wants to respond to the needs of small-scale corporates as well as households, and this will be done by lowering costs for these subscribers following the rebranding of the company,” he said.
Mr Banda observed that affordable access to internet services is critical in the era of globalisation as it creates various opportunities for entrepreneurs and ordinary Zambians.

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