Intensify counselling


MINISTER of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has called on the Church to intensify marriage counselling for couples in

an effort to curb spouse killing.
Reverend Sumaili said the Church must be at the centre of resolving misunderstandings among couples and advising them on alternative amicable ways of settling their differences than taking each other’s lives.
She said it is unfortunate that immorality is on the rise among married people leading to some couples killing each other.
“It is sad to note that spouse killing is still on the rise. It’s like gender-based violence has gone to another level. This should not be tolerated in a Christian nation. It’s time for the Church to get to work and ensure that we give couples the help they need. Taking each other’s lives should not be an option, especially in a Christian country,” she said.
Ms Sumaili said the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation should not be a lip song but that it should be reflected in the behaviour and character of every peace-loving Zambian.
She said the Bible has given enough guidance on how marriage ought to be handled but very few people adhere to it.
“The Bible clearly guides husbands on how they should love their wives the same way Christ loves the Church. It also advised wives to be submissive to their men at all times. Loving your wife entails being faithful. It does not instruct couples to kill each other,” she said.
Ms Sumaili said spouses who feel they can no longer live together should separate than taking each other’s lives as it is a sin in the sight of God.
She has urged couples to attend couples fellowship meetings to strengthen their relationship and learn more on the principles of love and submission in marriage.
And Ms Sumaili has attributed the increase in GBV cases to excessive intake of alcohol and other drugs.
She said women should also endeavour to empower themselves economically and avoid depending on their husbands for all their needs.

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