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‘Integrate eye care in daily operations’

CENTRAL province medical officer Rosemary Mwanza has called on medical professionals to integrate eye care activities in their day-to-day operations to reduce the prevalence of avoidable blindness by the year 2020.
Ms Mwanza said recently that blindness and visual impairment have far-reaching implications on society; especially that 80 percent of visual disability is avoidable.
“The challenge goes to district medical officers, medical superintendents, clinical officers and planners to ensure that we pick up the pace in attaining the goal of Vision 2020 ‘The right to sight’.
The fact that eye care is an integral part of primary health care means that eye care activities have to feature in our districts plans. All districts have to take pragmatic steps in building and integrating eye care in our day-today activities,” she said.
Ms Mwanza said Government is a signatory to the Vision 2020 and as such it is the mandate of the medical personnel through line ministries and other co-operating partners to ensure that the Vision is scaled out to all districts in Central province.
Ms Mwanza has since commended the Lions Aid Norway (LAN) for entering into a long partnership with the Ministry of Health to support eye care programmes in Central province.
The LAN is providing support in the area of disease control, human resources development, infrastructure, equipment and consumable for eye health.
Ms Mwanza said among the key highlights of the support that the LAN is going to provide to Central Province is putting up a modern, fully furnished and equipped eye clinic at Kabwe General Hospital.

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