Letter to the Editor

Inquest for elimination of African countries at the World Cup

Dear editor,
THE elimination of African representatives at the ongoing World Cup in the group stages calls for an inquest by the continental soccer body.At the time we are demanding an increase in the number of African representatives at the world’s biggest soccer stage, we cannot afford such a slip-up.
While the gap between the world’s soccer traditional powerhouses and the so-called minnows has considerably narrowed, the mental alertness and confidence levels of African teams need to improve. How I wish African players could just conjure up just half the confidence Portugal’s Ronaldo exudes. It is because of his high confidence levels that he is carrying his team’s hopes on his shoulders.
We saw our teams play well but fail to concentrate in the dying minutes of the game and concede devastating goals.
The video technology has also disadvantaged mainly the so-called minnows as it has created a crisis of leadership in the officiating department.
Unless the referee on the pitch who is in-charge of the video staff and decides when to consult, then the video must be scrapped.
The rules of officiating are crystal clear; the referee’s decision is final and all decisions are attributed to the opinion of the referee.
However, the invisible video official appears to be above the referee and orders and challenges the decisions of the referee.

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