Letter to the Editor

Inputs should reach farmers on time

Dear editor,
THE next farming season is only two months away and the nation will soon be in agricultural mode.
My worry is whether all the farming inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme will have been distributed to all the districts and co-operatives by the time the rain comes.
In short, will the beneficiary farmers have received the seed and fertiliser on time?
I am asking these questions because in the past the distribution has been riddled with problems, including late delivery and thefts of the inputs.
Zambia has set a good record in the production of its staple food, maize, of which it has been recording consecutive bumper harvests in the last few years.
We need to maintain this momentum by ensuring that farmers have the inputs on time.
Delivering D Compound in January or February when the maize is almost tasselling defeats the whole purpose of supporting vulnerable but viable farmers with subsidised inputs.
I hope those tasked with this noble task are doing their job.

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