‘Innovative partnerships will quicken investment’


THERE is need to formulate innovative partnerships that will accelerate private sector investment and skills development for job creation, Private Sector Development, Industrialisation and Job Creation (PSDIJC) national co-ordinator Kayula Siame has said.
Ms Siame said Government has prioritised job creation in its policies and strategies which require full private sector participation.
Speaking at a meeting with the private sector, Government and co-operating partners to chart the way forward in creating partnerships for enhancing industrialisation and job creation in Zambia, Ms Siame said there is need to facilitate the creation and deepening of partnerships around the industrialisation and job creation strategy (IJCS).
“The meeting has been convened to enable you propose partnership ideas to unlock business and job growth in the sectors identified in the IJCS of agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and construction sectors, and to explore options for implementation and co-ordination of these partnerships,” Ms Siame said.
The IJCS, which was launched in 2013, identifies construction, tourism, manufacturing and agriculture as growth sectors for industrialisation and job creation.
It targets the creation of one million formal jobs with the majority in the agriculture sector.
Ms Siame said PSDIJC will continue to facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for private sector to operate since a strong job creation depends on mobilising private investment and developing effective partnerships.
The meeting held under the theme “Partnership of job creation and growth” was facilitated by the Zambia Business in Development Facility and sponsored by PSDIJC.
The key outputs of the meeting were nine potential partnerships which will work towards implementing their action plans within the next six to 12 months.
A group of 10 partnership champions were selected to support the partnerships.

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