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Infidelity causes marriage to break

A THIRTY-NINE-YEAR-OLD woman of Mazabuka charged before the Matero local court that her husband infected her with syphilis and later deserted the matrimonial home to and live with another woman.

Testifying before magistrate Miyanda Banda was Jenipher Phiri who said her husband, Lackson Phiri, 50 used to lie to her that he was going to camp for work out of town.

She told the court that he bought her traditional medicine when he learnt that she had syphilis and later deserted her.
This in a case in which Jenipher sued Lackson for marriage reconciliation.
The couple got married in 1999 and has five children together and K30 bride price was paid.
Jenipher pleaded with the court to compel her husband whom she accused of being irresponsible to start supporting their children.
“He always lies that he goes for work and does not bring money. I have to struggle to pay school fees for our children. I still love him and I want us to raise our children together,” she said.
But Lackson told the court that he was chased from the matrimonial home by Jenipher.
He said the pair has been living at their in-law’s house and that his wife always takes advantage of the situation.
Lackson said Jenipher always shouts at him and does not respect him as her husband and head of the house.
“This is not the first time my wife is chasing me from our matrimonial home. She treats me as if she is the one who married me. I am tired of this kind of life and I am not ready to reconcile with her,” he said.
In passing judgement the court dismissed the claim for reconciliation.


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