Letter to the Editor

Inertia at General Education ministry

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space to express my displeasure at the manner officers at the Luanshya District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) fraudulently removed my late brother from the payroll a month after he died.
I say fraudulently because in my pursuit for my brother’s benefits and restoration of his monthly pay, other officers within the ministry have informed me that there is a circular that no teacher, retired or deceased, is supposed to be removed from the payroll until benefits are duly paid.
The story is that my brother, who served the ministry in Luanshya for 27 years, died in December 2018, leaving behind a widow and children.
By February 2019, DEBS in Luanshya removed him from the payroll for unknown reasons. I, as administrator, embarked on pursuing the matter starting from the school at which he taught, organising the necessary documentation, which I presented to the DEBS and subsequent follow-ups to the Provincial Education Office (PEO) in Ndola.
I was made to re-submit the same documents to the same offices to the non-cooperating officers several times over a period of nine months now.
Upon getting tired with the back-and-forth games at DEBS and PEO, I decided to follow up the matter from Ministry of General Education headquarters in Lusaka and Teaching Service Commission, where I was informed that my brother’s file had not reached either office.
If this account isn’t a case of inertia at the Ministry of General Education, I want to suspect that it is either incompetence or simply fraudulent.

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