Indo-Zambia opens branch in Serenje

INDO-ZAMBIA B a n k h a s commissioned a branch in Serenje as the financial institution aspires to support Government efforts of providing banking services in the farming district.
Speaking when he commissioned the branch yesterday, Deputy Minister of Finance Christopher Mvunga said government expects Indo-Zambia, which becomes the second financial institution to operate in the area, to accelerate agricultural growth by providing reliable banking to farmers.
“As agriculture remains the main source of diversification, the bank’s support to the sector in Serenje will be of national importance as it will bring to the effective operation of the Nsanga farming block,” Mr Mvunga said.
Earlier, Indo-Zambia Bank managing director Shankardas Gupta said reliable banking services are necessary in the district; Government is developing farming blocks to accelerate agriculture in the country.
“The government’s investment in developing farming blocks in this district will lead to substantial agricultural production and economic activities and as such, we desire to add impetus to this vital green revolution,” he said.
Mr Gupta said the opening of the Serenje branch brings the bank’s total network to 30 with the bank expected to open two branches in Mungwi and Lundazi this quarter.
At the same occasion, Indo- Zambia Bank board chairperson Orlean Moyo said the opening of the branch in the area is the bank’s strategy to support the agriculture sector.
Mrs Moyo also said efforts by the Bank of Zambia to strengthen the monetary policy will accelerate the attainment of targeted macro-economic objectives amid global economic challenges.

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