India, Zambia relations growing stronger

Anand Kumar.

ACTING Indian High Commissioner to Zambia Anand Kumar says he is overjoyed that warm and cordial relations between the two countries have continued to grow since Zambia attained independence.

Mr Kumar said he is also pleased that India has continued to render capacity building assistance and various high-tech programmes to Zambia for many years now.
He said in an interview on Tuesday that the Indian government is providing loans towards the construction of health infrastructure such as the 650 health posts being constructed country-wide.
“India and Zambia have very good, friendly and cordial relations with each other. These relations predict Zambia’s independence.”
“I am happy to mention that recently, the government of India approved some loans in the field of agriculture. This agreement is yet to be signed,” Mr Kumar said.
Mr Kumar said he is also delighted that more exchange visits between the two countries are underway.
He said the cordial relations between Zambia and India have greatly contributed to enhancement of exchange visits as tools for learning and networking.
Mr Kumar said he is also happy that an Indian company has expressed interest in investing in the country’s solar energy sector.
On Tuesday, India celebrated its 71st Independence Day anniversary and flag hoisting ceremony where a short drama on life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda and nationalistic performances were showcased.

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