25 July 2014

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Friday, 04 April 2014 02:00

Christmas on the bedside - CHRISTMAS LETTER

Written by  Online Editor
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Christmas on the bedside

Dear editor,
Christmas came from the term ‘Christ’ and ‘Mas’ meaning the mass of Christ. It was introduced by the Romans as a day of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
On Christmas Eve, my friend Ben and I decided to go to Levy Business Park to watch a movie at 18:00 hours.
However, on our way to the bus stop, we found an old woman by the roadside near Chingwere in a drainage and she was bleeding.
We asked one of the kids at the scene who told us that a bus had hit the woman and the driver had sped off.
We then quickly organised a taxi, and paid using the money we had saved for Christmas and rushed her to Chingwere Clinic. When we reached the clinic, there were a lot of people waiting to be served but since our case was an emergency, the nurses quickly swung in to help and she was referred to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).
Using the same taxi, we got to the UTH at 21:30 hours and the woman was immediately admitted. She was later put on a drip and allowed to rest. Around 01:30 hours, while were still at her bedside, she started gaining some consciousness and started speaking.
We told her what had happened and she started crying. Some nurses came to soothe her and one of her sons arrived two hours later.
We had to leave at this point because we were getting fatigued and the man decided to call some relatives that live near UTH. He then gave us K200 for transport and said,  “God bless you boys”.
We reached home safely.
In short, we spent Christmas at the bedside, a first time to have such an experience. We hope our ‘grandmother’ is well; we are looking forward to seeing her fit again.
May the Lord bless her.
Mathew Chitoshi

Gesture of warmth

Dear editor,
Christmas falls on 25th December. On this day, we celebrate the birth of our personal Saviour, Jesus Christ. The period from this date to the end of the month of December is the festive season.
Christmas occasion is very significant as it brings joy to many people and it is celebrated mostly by Christians. This occasion brings joy, which manifests from love. It is, therefore, imperative that this love should be shared among people regardless of one’s status.
In view of this, this love forms the hallmark of Christmas celebrations and must be expressed through action by doing something good to others. This is the whole essence of celebrating the event amidst some challenges we might have faced during the year.
Doing something to others can be two-fold; firstly, by expressing best wishes to others and, secondly, by sharing things which can either be in form of material or foodstuffs.
During last year’s Christmas, I felt duty-bound to touch someone’s life within my community. I pondered on how best I could celebrate the day. I extended my gesture of warmth towards one of the most vulnerable people of our community.
However, my train of thought drove me to a certain old man in his early 60s with a  questionable sanity. His name is John Phiri and not related to me. He has relatives, but they don’t care about his welfare.
He survives by doing different jobs for people.
I went to pick  him. From his home, bought him new clothes and we feted together. 
Elemiya Phiri

Something good happened

Dear editor,
Something I have never dreamt and thought about for many years happened to me during Christmas. I have never received a present so precious like that one I got at Christmas.
I was alone at home in the sitting room watching tv whilst nursing a terrible hangover when I heard a knock on the door. I was surprised because the rest of the family had gone to a party. I opened the door and found my good friend standing there.
He was holding a nicely wrapped package in his hands. I smiled and invited him in.
Only a week before that, we had a good time together. He is a drunkard like me, but surpringly when I opened the parcel he had handed to me, I found the Holy Bible.
He told me it was my special gift and explained to me how it came to his mind that he should buy it for me. He had repented. Though I had received my salvation by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ in 2000 and got baptised, I had backslidden.
After having received my gift, we shared the Word of God from the book of Romans.
Afterwards, I thanked my friend for his visit and light moments. And I even promised to go to church with him the following day. I fulfilled the promise and the sermon at Church was powerful. We also talked to different members, including the reverend, he encouraged us and thanked us for attending the service.
It was the greatest day of my life. From that time, I have been reading the Bible. I really thank God, the church and my friend for the transition I made.
Elastone Mwale

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