29 July 2014

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Mavis Zulu: Upcoming security provider

Written by  Online Editor
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SHE derives her inspiration from Zambia’s first female Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani. At 17, Mavis Zulu dreams of also becoming an Inspector General of Police of her generation. She has a passion of maintaining law and order in the country and looks forward to joining the men and women in uniform once she completes school. MUNIDE ZULU spoke to her.

Full names: Mavis Zulu
Age: 17
Q:  How many are you in your family?
Ans: I’m the fourth born in a family of six.
Q: Which school do you go to?
Ans: Sesheke Secondary School.
Q: What Grade are you doing?
Ans: I am doing Grade 12.
Q: What are your favourite subjects at school?
Ans: Mathematics, Science, and Religious Education.
Q: Why are they your favourite subjects?
Ans: I like mathematics because it sharpens my brain and it helps me improve my thinking capacity when it comes to calculations. Science helps me to know more about life, such as the human body and plants. As for Religious Education, it teaches me about salvation and it guides me morally.
Q: What do you want to become in life?
Ans: I want to become a police officer so that I can immensely contribute to providing security and maintain law and order. I also desire to become an Inspector General of Police in future.
Q: Who is your inspiration?
Ans: My father Mr Sylvester Zulu who was recently promoted as Muchinga Province Motor Transport Officer (MTO) and my mother Theresa Nyirenda are my inspiration. They are both hardworking and successful in life.
Q: Who is your hero and role model?
Ans: The Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani is my hero and role model.
Her appointment by President Sata to be in that high office shows that a woman can take up any leading position including those that are male dominated.
I’m happy that most women are now holding top positions because in the past, they were considered to be inferior. Bibilically, we are all equal in the eyes of God. I do not see why women should be looked down upon.
Q: What do you like about school?
Ans: I like school because it helps me to be knowledgeable and it is the foundation of my life. Education is the only key to success. Without it, it’s rare for one to prosper in life
Q: Who is your favorite teacher at your school?
Ans: Mr Liswaniso is my favorite teacher. He encourages me to study hard and always tells me that with education, the sky is the limit.
Q: How do you describe boarding life?
Ans: Um,’it’s cool. I can say it has taught me to be independent and how to relate with people from different backgrounds and cultures.
Q: Which church do you fellowship with?
Ans: I congregate at Chilenje Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA).
Q: Why is going to church Important?
Ans: One cannot do without the church because like in my case, it helps me to know more about God and it also helps me become a better person in society. It also encourages me not to engage in illicit behaviour such as prostitution, beer drinking among others.
Q: As a prophetess of God, have you ever prophesized about anyone and has it manifested before?
Ans: Yes, I prophesised that my father was going to be promoted and in less than two days, he was promoted. I also told my grandmother that her enemies were going to visit her and I told her to embrace them. It came to pass within two days after the prophecy.
Q: Who are your best friends and what do you like doing together?
Ans: My best friends are Lazarous, Tomaida, Eunice, Gladys and Karen.We like encouraging each other to aim high in life and we like sharing secrets.
Q: In your view, who is a good child?
Ans: A good child is one who respects elders.
Q: What are your hobbies?
Ans: Modelling, watering the garden, cleaning the house and interior and exterior decorating.


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