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Independence celebrations

INDEPENDENCE is a celebration of the legacy handed down to us by the founding fathers and mothers of this nation who fought for political liberation.
We also celebrate their unique ability to unite our rich diverse cultures and their heritages under the inspirational motto of “One Zambia, One nation” such that they unanimously prioritised the fostering of national development agenda.
Not undermining the importance of divine intervention they included a prayer in the national anthem “God bless our great nation, Zambia…” so that each time we sing it we pray for our dear country.
Both as celebrated freedom fighters whose names and their contributions have been written down and unsung heroes like my father whose names and contributions cannot be traced anywhere in the annals of the nation they have delivered the political liberation we celebrated yesterday.
Independence celebration should challenge us to leave a legacy of having contributed significantly towards the development of Zambia whether as acknowledged or forgotten freedom fighters.
In his speech for the official opening of the fifth session of the 11th National Assembly President Edgar Lungu said, “At the stroke of midnight on 24th October 2064, Zambia awoke to one undeniable truth and reality: that ours was a generation of achievers, a generation of men and women who, propelled by the energy of patriotism, changed this country forever.”
Though good policy play a vital role towards national development but to the greatest extent sustainable development is dependent on individual commitment. It is a proven fact that, no matter how good the written policy for national development may be, it cannot yield positive results if individual passion to steer its agenda is missing. Independence created a conducive atmosphere for fostering the development agenda of the nation hence its celebration challenges us to hand down a better Zambia to the next generation. Proverbs 13:22 says, “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children…”
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