Indeni set to modernise gas loading systems

IN AN effort to be more innovative, Indeni Petroleum Refinery is working on a mechanism to improve the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) loading system to modern standards.
Acting managing director David Lungu said the company is aggressively pursuing measures to improve operations by upgrading the loading system.

“We have done significant steps in automating our plant to make it safer and quicker to operate and productivity has increased as a result of this.
“But we still continue to improve our plant and currently one of the key projects is to improve LPG loading system. We have an old system and we want to automate it by bringing in a state-of-the-art loading system into the refinery,” Mr Lungu said.
He said in a recent interview that with the advent of advanced technologies across the globe, improving the LPG loading system is essential for the operation of the firm.
Mr Lungu said the firm is also looking at expanding the supplies of heavy fuel oil to power utility firms that are producing power.
Indeni has certain excess products where it is utilising part of those products to convert them to power as contribution to the power requirements of the country.
“So right now, we are using a fuel called heavy fuel oil, which is supplied to Ndola Energy…As we look into the future, we are looking at expanding such possibilities for Indeni,” he said.
The firm will also embark on employee training programmes to help them become more responsive to the current technologically-advanced environment to contribute significantly to the company’s production.
Mr Lungu, however, said that the company is not focusing on improving the storage facilities as it is just a transit point.


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