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Indeni resumes production

INDENI Petroleum Refinery Company has resumed operations after last month’s routine maintenance shutdown.
Managing director Maybin Noole said the plant’s reliability is now above 95 percent to produce diesel, petrol, kerosene and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and that the plant is now feeding into the Tazama pipeline terminal.
“As we are commissioning certain units which we have been able to rehabilitate or install, the plant’s reliability is above 95 percent. It is working. We are producing petrol, diesel, LPG, kerosene and actually we are able to send to the Tazama terminal. So, they are receiving,” he said.
Mr Noole said this yesterday after a tour of the plant by Copperbelt permanent secretary Howard Sikwela.
The plant was closed on November 15 for maintenance.
He said the shutdown was done in two phases with the diesel component shutting down for two weeks until December 1 when the start-up of the plant began.
The petrol component resumed operations on December 24, making the entire plant fully operational.
Mr Noole, however, said the complete value of rehabilitation works that have been done will be given once the reconciliation report has been done as some of the works were done earlier.
And Mr Sikwela commended Indeni management for the maintenance conducted at the plant during the shutdown.
Reverend Sikwela assured the nation of sufficient fuel stocks.
“In terms of stocks, the nation is very much assured that we are safe and there won’t be any shortage. There is no need for people to worry,” he said.

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