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Indeed, marriage issues are not for social media

Dear editor,
WHEN she addressed Joseph Munkombwe and Chilando Mambwe, the couple that tied the knot on Saturday in Lusaka, Bwalya Mulenga gave timely counsel: “Do not launder your dirty linen on social media. If you do so, your family will lose respect, integrity and ultimately break up irretrievably.”
Bwalya did not end at that, she reminded the couple and indeed the gathering that family is a smallest unit that makes a nation. Therefore, if one cannot respect marriage secrets at whatever level, then they cannot respect State secrets at whatever level of their operation.
“Broadcasting matters of State or indeed company considered secret is a self-destruction of your own country just as posting intimate matters of your marriage on social media. There is a strong connection between family and country.”
Bwalya, who is Zambia National Service Commandant Nathan Mulenga’s daughter, concluded by encouraging Chilando and Joseph to be patriotic by safeguarding their marriage intimate details to themselves.
Indeed, in Bwalya’s wise counsel, this country is only assured of moving forward as a strong and united nation if citizens inculcate the spirit of patriotism.
True to Bwalya’s words, the first step is to keep matters of marriage and matters of State strictly on the need to know basis.

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