Letter to the Editor

Indecent dressing article should be taken seriously

Dear editor,
THE article by Zambia Daily Mail editorials editor, Emelda Musonda, on indecent dressing on November 10, 2017 made sad reading.

I totally agree with the observations that indecent dressing by women in Zambia is putting men under constant moral tests.
Today, it is very difficult to tell who is a married and single woman. It is also difficult to distinguish between a grandmother and mother from a daughter. This is all because of the dressing.
Like Mrs Musonda observed, women’s thighs, waist line, breasts and backs are being exposed in public, all in the name of fashion.
Women, stop seducing men as God will not spare you. Lastly, I am calling upon all well-meaning Zambians to compel our government to come up with a law to regulate the dress code to preserve some level of decency.

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