‘Increase support to rural youths, women clubs’

A CIVIC leader in Mungwi district of Northern Province has asked for increased support to rural youths and women’s clubs.
Ngulula ward councillor Mary Changala said it had been difficult for people to access help from Government initiatives such as the Youth Development Fund because of the distance to the relevant offices.
“Government should consider youths and women in rural areas because most of them have no information about the empowerment funds. It is very difficult for them to access the offices that are usually based at provincial centres,” she said.
Ms Changala said in an interview Government had provided various facilities such as furrows for fish farming but that could be enhanced by providing them with capital.
“We have hard-working youths and women’s clubs in rural areas but they are not bringing out their full potential because they do not have enough capital. Otherwise they are doing the little they can,” she said.
Ms Changala hailed the leadership of President Lungu, saying he is committed to delivering development to all parts of the country.
“We know that our President is committed to delivering development to all. But there are some urgent projects that need to be delivered such as roads to the various schools, hospitals and farming areas,” she said.
Ms Changala also said mobile communication in the area is bad.
She thanked World Vision for helping schools and hospitals through the construction of toilets and provision of desks.

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