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Incorporate Choma declaration heritage site, ZTB urged

THE National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) has appealed to the Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) to consider incorporating the Choma declaration heritage site on its marketing package.
NHCC information and public relations manager Isaac Kanguya said the Choma declaration, which is located in Shampande township, is an important historic and tourism site which if well marketed, can attract local and international tourists.
“As the tourism board markets the country’s various tourism products, we appeal they take on board the Choma declaration site,” he said.
The site, which is at Kaunda Square, is where first President Kenneth Kaunda signed the Choma declaration in June 27, 1973.
The signing of the declaration gave birth to a one party-state through the former regime, United National Independence Party (UNIP).
During that period, Choma district was the major centre of political activities of the African National Congress (ANC), a political party led by late Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula.
Mr Nkumbula signed the declaration and subsequently, the ANC jointed UNIP.
And Mr Kanguya said in an interview that the Choma declaration is an important symbol of the country’s historic political unity of purpose that the forefathers embraced.
“When you know the history behind the Choma declaration, you will understand why we have the slogan ‘One Zambia One nation’.
You will understand why we are renowned as a peaceful nation. The signing of this declaration is significant because it fostered the country’s peace and development,” he said.
Mr Kanguya urged ZTB to effectively market the site as the country’s peace is embedded in the declaration.
“The locals and international tourists should visit this place as they will have knowledge on the various political eras that have contributed to the peace the country is currently enjoying.
As part of the country’s celebration of the golden jubilee independence anniversary, the NHCC in partnership with the office of the district commissioner is renovating the Choma declaration site.