All-inclusive planning vital – Yamba


SECRETARY to the Treasury Fredson Yamba says Government will take on board the input of all stakeholders in the formulation of the Seventh National Development Plan (SNDP) to be implemented next year.
Mr Yamba was speaking during a symposium on sustainable development in Lusaka yesterday.
“The two-day symposium will examine the development path and take stock of the various global and local development initiatives with a view to be better informed as the nation has embarked on developing the Seventh National Development Plan,” he said.
Mr Yamba said with an integrated sectoral approach, a lot could be achieved when implementing the plan.
He said lessons can be drawn at international level, which can be used as benchmarks in implementing the development plan locally.
“As Government we believe that this is the time and opportunity to build a country that encompasses the participation of citizens in not only deciding but also agreeing on the development dimension of the country,” he said.
Mr Yamba also said there is need to engage all stakeholders in order to build consensus on how to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate development programmes focussing on the goals of being a prosperous middle-income nation.
He said Government’s resolve to embrace all parties in the consultative process is a principle policy matter contained in the national planning and budget policy.
Mr Yamba said the lessons learnt from the fifth and sixth national development plan and the revised sixth national development plan are that the plans were developed with a sectoral approach, which perpetuated a silos mentality.
Mr Yamba said the seventh national development plan should ensure the comparative advantages of regions by mapping out key regional projects that can facilitate industrialisation, agricultural development, tourism, mining and other areas where Zambia has comparative advantage as a country.
He said this is in an effort to promote inclusiveness so that development activities can take place in all regions.
And Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) chairperson John Lijimu said the meeting offers great opportunity for civil society to be involved in developing the plan.
“For us, our interest is ensuring that there is sustainable development in Zambia, which can only be done through dialogue, stakeholder participation, ensuring that everyone is involved in getting this policy in place,” he said.

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