Incest couple appear for mention

From CHAMBO NG’UNI in Serenje
TWO siblings of Serenje, whose marriage of 14 years shocked the nation, appeared in a Serenje Magistrate’s Court for mention after spending seven months in prison on charges of incest.
On Monday and Tuesday, respectively, Chipapuka and Bulaya appeared for mention for the fourteenth time before Mr Chiluba and Mr Ngosa.
They were, however, informed that the State is still awaiting instructions from the Director of Public Prosecution on how to proceed with their cases.
Mukuwa Nicholas Bulaya, 38, and his younger sister Bertha Mwenda Chipapuka, 35, were arrested last December for allegedly committing incest.
They first appeared before magistrate Penston Chiluba on January 3 this year when their case came for explanation of the charge of incest.
The siblings are alleged to have been married for 14 years and have five children together, with their first child aged 13 years and the last-born about one year and eight months.
Bulaya is now appearing before Serenje Resident Magistrate Fidelis Ngosa, while Chipapuka is appearing before Mr Chiluba.
Bulaya is facing one count of incest by males, contrary to Section 159(1) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia as read with Act number 15 of 2005.
It is alleged that Bulaya, between January 1, 2000 and December 29 last year, in Serenje, had unlawful carnal knowledge of Chipapuka, who is his biological sister.
On the other hand, Chipapuka is facing one count of incest by females contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
Mr Chiluba and Mr Ngosa adjourned the cases to August 25 and August 26, respectively, and the siblings are remanded in custody while the State awaits instructions from the DPP.
Public prosecutor Patrick Ngandula on Monday informed Mr Chiluba that Chipapuka was in court and she was appearing for mention.
“The accused person is present,” Mr Ngandula said, “we have not received instructions. I am applying for an adjournment to August 25, 2014 for mention.”
Mr Ngandula said Chipapuka will be remanded in custody. On July 28 this year, Mr Ngosa expressed concern that Bulaya has been appearing in court since January for mention and the State has continued applying for adjournments.
“This matter has taken too long, the court does not understand why it should take too long,” Mr Ngosa said. “I am concerned about this.”
Chipapuka and Bulaya’s four children are being kept at a safe house in Kabwe after their family rejected them. The last-born is with the mother in prison.

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