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Incarcerated but not broken

JAILED award-winning actor Owas Mwape has broken his silence with a statement to the media in which he says his time behind bars will be used to propel him to higher heights.
Owas says he holds no grudge against his former wife, Saboi Imboela, who he was married to for 10 years and has two children with.
He says he has decided not to appeal against his six-month jail sentence because he believes every setback is an opportunity for him to make a comeback, and strongly so.
“I have decided not to appeal because I have strong faith that setback is a step-up for my comeback. I’m quite sure you are aware of the power that exists in a setback,” he says.
“My attitude during this period I’m in jail has been to look for the opportunity that has presented itself to me and believe me, twists and turns only come to those who want to go forward and I would like to enjoy these twists and turns because its surely propelling me to a whole new level that shall be a marvel.
“I hold no grudge with the mother of my two children who were born during our 10 years of love together. I can never and will never publicly insult a woman who shared intimate moments with me but instead respect her more because a man should have honour with issues to do with marital misunderstandings.”
Owas says from his own experience, he is hoping that other married men should learn that certain issues which they see as marital tidbits may just one day turn out to be felonies.
He says he is using his time in jail as an opportunity to re-focus and engineer his comeback, and is confident that his fans will enjoy his upcoming movies once he is out.
“I’m in jail and enjoying good heath but encoding a lot of artistic knowledge, re-aligning, re-focusing and re-engineering for my comeback. I was not sent to hell but retreat. The only way I will know the limits of my possibilities is if I cross the barrier because I determine the course and my destiny.
“To my fans, thank you for your prayers and your great support. You will enjoy my upcoming movies. To learn from someone’s mistakes is faster and easier than making them. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future,” he says.
Owas was jailed for six months by the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court for forgery and uttering false documents. He was found guilty of forging the signature of his ex-wife Saboi and changing ownership of the Nissan Elgrand she had bought during her studies abroad.

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