Letter to the Editor

Improve water quality in chingola

Dear Editor,
Concerns being raised by some Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company clients here in Chingola regarding the poor quality of supply should move the company to rectify its inadequacies.
When one opens the tap, the turbid water takes too long to clear. Meanwhile, the water meter is counting, making the commodity more expensive than what is actually used. As for white fabrics, you are sure to have them stained.
We are fully aware that the Kafue River, which is one of the water sources, is highly polluted as a result of mining activities and that poses a great challenge to the water utility company.
In light of the circumstances, we still believe this predicament will be solved by, say,  upgrading existing infrastructure, among other things.
That said, however, there is some consistency in terms of water supply, which is a great plus to consumer needs.

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