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Impregnator nearly collapses in court

A YOUNG man who admitted having sex with his ex-girlfriend but denied impregnating her almost collapsed when he stood in the dock to exculpate himself.
Mike Haambulo began to grow faint while his voice dropped to almost a whisper labouring to explain that his ex-girlfriend Prudence had left him for another man who he suspected impregnated her.
This drama took place in the Matero Local Court in a case where Eustar Zulu 40 of Lilanda dragged Haambulo 22 to court for compensation for damage resulting in pregnancy.
Zulu told the court when she found out her cousin Prudence was impregnated by Haambulo, she demanded to see him about it.
She said when they discussed he denied impregnating Prudence claiming their affair had ended before she got pregnant.
In his testimony, Haambulo said his relationship with Prudence began in October 2012 after which she told him she had a boyfriend who was going to marry her.
He said she told him she was going away with her new-found lover sometime in December the very year.
“I pleaded with her not to leave me but she insisted saying she was going to have a wedding with her new boyfriend. That’s how our relationship ended,” he said.
Haambulo said he had no contact with Prudence until March when she came back to him and told him she was carrying his child.
At this moment, Haambulo began wincing, he rested his head on the dock and his hand on his chest and said his BP (high blood pressure) was high forcing Justice Kalyelye to stop proceedings and allow the defendant to go outside to catch a breath of fresh air.
Some members of the gallery could be heard murmuring whether Haambulo was feigning high blood pressure to run away from being grilled.
But after giving Haambulo time to recuperate, Justice Kalyelye unrelentingly called Haambulo back to the dock to continue with his testimony.
He said when he denied impregnating her because they had not been together for a while; she (Prudence) told him she knew what to do as she stormed off angrily.
Haambulo said Prudence’s family called him for a meeting where he was told to take responsibility for the pregnancy.
He said because of Prudence’s questionable behaviour, he demanded for a DNA test after the birth of the baby.
And in her statement Prudence who had to stop school in grade 10 because of the pregnancy said she has had sex with Haambulo six times at his home.
She said when she fell pregnant, Haambulo gave her money to abort as he feared he would be fired if his employers found out he had impregnated a woman.
Passing judgment, Justice Kalyelye asked Haambulo if he had asked for permission to have sex with Prudence.
When he said he hadn’t, the court told him he was guilty of damage.
Justice Kalyekye ordered Haambulo to compensate Zulu with a fine of K3,500.

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