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Importance of respecting others’ privacy

Speak out on violence with DORIS KASOTE
IT IS important to learn to respect other people’s privacy. However, this seems impossible for some people, specifically some men who think they have the right to cross the line and express their physical emotions to the next person. This is regardless of whether they have a relationship with that person or not.
Media reports of some men sexually harassing others in crowded places by way of ejaculating on women is not new, yet not justifiable.
As a young reporter, I remember covering the local courts where the plaintiff and defendant would, interestingly, each give their side of the story usually over issues relating to their intimacy.
Because of the nature of the cases that are before the local courts, the courtrooms are usually full to capacity while others crowd around every entrance to have a glimpse and hear the people that are before court telling their stories.
Such cases are usually about divorce, adultery or child maintenance.  The list is endless.
While covering local courts, I first heard of a story of a man who ejaculated on a woman because he was pressed against her. However, he managed to quickly worm out of the crowd before the woman realised what he had done and he was gone.
This is sexual harassment. How does a man behave in such a manner in public, worse still towards a woman he does not even share a relationship with? There can be no justification for such insane actions.
Maybe I am speaking as a woman, but the fact is that no one has a right to lustfully look at a woman, touch a woman or let alone ejaculate on her if she is not comfortable with it.
The latest report involves a Livingstone man who ejaculated on a woman during International Women’s Day celebrations. He has been arrested. When queried, he said it was because he was pressed against the woman as the place he found himself was crowded.
I really don’t want to dwell on the Livingstone case but I trust the police will do their work.
When such situations arise, obviously those found wanting find themselves in uncomfortable situations. Then why not move away if being in a crowd makes them uncomfortable?
It is unfair to subject women to such forms of harassment. In certain unfortunate cases, women end up being victims of rape because of men who cannot control themselves.
A responsible person, whether a man or a woman, should be able to distinguish right from wrong and endeavour to respect the next person’s space.
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