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Importance of correcting one’s weaknesses

Every human being has got strong and weak points. The strong points are called strengths, whereas the weak points are called weaknesses.
Now in order for one to succeed, it is advisable that he/she celebrates their strengths. After all, these are one’s assets that raise the confidence levels and help one to succeed at the end of it all.
At the same time, it is highly advised that you correct or tame your weaknesses. These are liabilities that make you to be susceptible to both failure as well as enemies.
Take for example the story of former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who suffered from paralysis. Despite his condition, he ruled for four terms, making him to be the longest-serving US President ever.
Instead of looking at his condition as a stumbling block to his success, he chose to look at it as a stepping stone to greater things. Because of this, he used to win landslide victories in elections.
In spite of his weakness, he was loved by Americans. This made it difficult for the opposition parties to attack him and win support from the electorate. As a result, he was one of the outstanding statesmen America has ever had.
It is therefore advisable for one to tame the weaknesses like Delano did, if one has to succeed.
Benefits of taming your weaknesses
Firstly, it works to your advantage because when you correct your mistakes, success becomes imminent.
Secondly, it is difficult for your enemies to attack you because enemies feast on your weaknesses. So once you work on your weaknesses, they will have nowhere to attack. True to the saying, “A man who has no weaknesses is fearful, no one can attack him.”
Thirdly, you will become unstoppable, as people can only stop you using your weaknesses. In other words, you become invincible.
Fourthly, success is enabled. This is because your weaknesses are what stand between you and your success. Also you become a pillar to others who are battling with weaknesses. They look up to you as a source of inspiration or, simply put, a role model.
Besides this, when you tame your weaknesses your selfesteem tends to grow. As such, you start feeling good about yourself. This feeling can be a real help as you pursue your goals.
However, if you fail to tame your weaknesses, the following are the outcomes; the first thing being that you can easily be attacked. You will be vulnerable to attack by your enemies.
Remember, your weaknesses are their strengths. The opposite is also true.
Secondly, they can easily stop or distract you from attaining your goals. With weaknesses everywhere, your enemies can easily bring you down.
Lastly, your weaknesses if left unchecked can lead to one failure after another, as you will fail on the same things where you failed last time and so on and so forth.
In conclusion, celebrate your strengths. But, more importantly, correct your mistakes. Because, as the apostle Paul once said, “…for when you’re weak, then you’re strong.”
The author is a motivational speaker, writer and life coach. E-mail:, Cell: 0974 721585

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