Implement good policies


WITH four days to go before the national budget presentation, Government has been urged to implement policies that will spur investor confidence in the country.
Standard Chartered Bank wants Government to place emphasis on investment and continued progress with macro-economic indicators.
The bank’s chief executive officer, Andrew Okai, said in an interview that the budget should provide the country’s economic direction.
Mr Okai said while the Bankers Association of Zambia makes an input in the budget, his bank feels Government should come up with initiatives that would sustain economic growth.
“We want to see initiatives that would ensure that the good trend we are seeing now continues into next year and beyond,” he said.
The bank wishes to see strategies around job creation and infrastructure development.
“We have seen positive signs already and we would like to feel and get the assurance that we will continue on this trend to spur investor confidence,” he said.
Mr Okai advised Government to build on the steps it had already taken to grow the economy saying, “There were some temporary difficulties even in terms of liquidity for the banking system but the central bank has made stronger terms and liquidity has now eased.”
He said steps to stabilise the Kwacha and bringing down interest rates must continue.
“Obviously early in the year, we saw the volatility of the Kwacha but over the last few months, there has been stabilisation which we think is a very good sign and credit [should be given] to the managers of the economy for making this happen,” Mr Okai said.

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